About Us

Wheeliechix-Chic first came about in 2007. It was born out of frustration and disappointment in the high street.

I've been a wheelchair user all my adult life from an illness in my childhood of Rheumatoid Arthritis, as most of you know this can be painful and when you develop it as a child it tends to be much more aggressive and destroys normal joint tissue, so dressing and undressing was always an issue.

I do admit I went into this business with rose coloured spectacles and made many mistakes with the wrong designers and people with big egos. We did have an exciting launch a fashion show in London's West End during London fashion week, all of my models are genuinely disabled and our first show in 2007 caught the eye of the media, they were excited and inspired by the fact my models were "different"

The Fashion Council back in those days refused to acknowledge us hence I had to launch my own show by myself, I'm happy to say 10 years on and the fashion industry is slowly starting to change and disabled models are sometimes seen on the catwalk.

For the last few years I haven't been able to give Wheeliechix-Chic a 100% of my energy as I developed early stage cancer, although I have always worked throughout in another job role it was always niggling me at the back of my head to get it going again within the UK and so today I'm here launching some new ranges, plus some fabulous backpacks that will liven up any outfit or wheelchair.

Enjoy shopping at Wheeliechix-Chic!

Louisa Summerfield