Summer Heaven or Hell??

Everybody loves the summer, after all the sun makes us feel vibrant and energetic, most of us in the UK look forward to booking a summer holiday where the sun is guaranteed, but when you're in a wheelchair a holiday by the beach can be a nightmare.

Wheelchairs & sand just don't mix you can't just wheel yourself along the sea front as within seconds your wheels are bogged down and you can't move, friends and relatives become exhausted just dragging you a couple of centimetres - the whole beach experience becomes embarrassing and hard work.

Like après ski I like après beach and pre beach, on both of these occasions the key element is looking & feeling good, wear light dresses with V or scoop neck, neckline detail is important when sitting, choose short sleeves or if you're middle aged like me & don't like your arms wear three quarter length.

In pre sun mode I like my accessories, a nice hat, a pair of designer sunglasses and a good lipstick with a flick of powder bronzer, come après sun I can often wear the same dress but more make-up and my hair loose ready to party with the best of them.

Please share your summer tips with us....

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