Is is Derogatory for women to dress sexy?

#Marksandspencer have been in the news this week over their shop window saying women should buy their "fancy little knickers" and men should "dress to impress", is there anything wrong in that?

I love dressing up in fancy lingerie to impress my man but these days I'm almost made to feel guilty for it, I'm made to feel that, that statement alone is derogatory to women, and that somehow I'm letting down the sisterhood, isn't this just political correctness gone mad???

Someone said it's because they stated both comments "fancy little knickers" & "dress to impress" were stated as 'must haves', so maybe they are being derogatory to both sexes yet everyone seems to have got their knickers in a  twist over just the part saying "fancy little knickers"

Would love to know your thoughts...

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