Our heart & thoughts go out to all those affected by London Bridge terror attack

In the last 3 months we have seen our country terrorised and brutalised by these mindless murderers, if they really had something to say they would say it not just brutalise people that oppose their view.

I have lived in the Middle East, I fell in love with their culture and the father of my children so I know this is a minority of thugs who set out to ruin peace and love that we all cherish in the UK.

Today I'm feeling very sad so many have lost their innocent lives in London and Manchester, some will survive and...

Summer Heaven or Hell??

Everybody loves the summer, after all the sun makes us feel vibrant and energetic, most of us in the UK look forward to booking a summer holiday where the sun is guaranteed, but when you're in a wheelchair a holiday by the beach can be a nightmare.

Wheelchairs & sand just don't mix you can't just wheel yourself along the sea front as within seconds your wheels are bogged down and you can't move, friends and relatives become exhausted just dragging you a couple of centimetres - the whole beach experience becomes embarrassing and hard work.

Like après ski I...